Finding A Meteorite

Meteorites are exciting to collect and trade, but some individuals are not content to simply satisfy their collecting desires by purchasing them from dealers.  Some individuals actually go out and hunt meteorites. As well, some meteorites are found by accident, by individuals who never even think about meteorites.   If you think you have found a meteorite and want to know if the rock really is a meteorite, follow the guidelines listed near the end of this page.

Independent, reputable laboratories are also at the end of this page and I suggest that you contact one of these labs about submitting a suspected meteorite for analysis.


Based simply upon casual observation, see if you can tell the difference between the following meteorites and meteor”wrongs:



Here is an easy one.  Which one of these objects is a Chinese tektite?

(scroll down a few lines for the answer)










Correct Answer:  The one on the right is the tektite.

The one on the left is a piece of terrestrial obsidian.
Sample number 2…